mr chandra prakash kota

”this patient had scalp psoriasis and lost his hairs due to scaling, he took punarnav ayurveda treatment program for 15 days, and with in those days he got very good result. n\and after  one month he got rid of psoriasis and he get back his black hair again after curing his psoriasis .


mr arvind from banra rajasthan


mr chandra mohan


mr pradeep kumar from rawatbhata

”we makes balance between our immune system and metabolic system,which is the basic cause of autoimmune disorder psoriasis. our psoriasis…


mr lakshmi chandra from kota

”This patient was suffering from psoriasis for last few years in whole body . His hairs has been growing due to scalp psoriasis .heavy itching , heavy scaling and pain in skin was present when he visited at punarnav ayurveda . After punarnav ayurveda teatment you can watch the changes in the patients with in only few days patient get magical result by this spacial ayurveda program !


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