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                       An ayurveda skin care centre in kota rajasthan

first ayurveda skin care centre in rajasthan
The clinic is situated in Kota (Rajasthan) which is very much famous for its educational values. Our aim behind Punarnav Ayurveda skin care center is to promote Ayurveda worldwide. As we all know that ayurveda is a well established and very successful medical system in India. 

We have all type Of equipments regarding the social and madicinal requirments for the treatment of psoriasis


Punarnav ayurveda is one of the steamed care center, witch is offering you a chance to retain the original beauty and health of yours in ayurveda  treatment ,in your own city kota!

Our aim behind Punarvan Ayurveda is to promote Ayurveda worldwide. we all know that ayurveda is a well established and very successful medical system in India Punarnav ayurveda offers health services based on the tenet of ayurveda.

We have  A team of nursing staff medicine and general services Our treatments are finalized after consultation with our doctor, their instructions are followed conscientiously for good result Rejuvenate and curative treatment packages are offered Punarnav introduces explosive curative system of various diseases through ayurvedas special modes with effective and noticeable results.

punarnav ayurveda treat almost all kind of skin diseases .we give  heal, relax and rejuvenate your body mind and soul.


Punarnav Ayurveda in Psoriasis


Punarnav Ayurveda confidentially treats psoriasis through very special ayurveda treatment ( very important  purification process of  the body) and spacial rejuvenating  ayurveda treatments thus  toxins could be removed  from the body and  Special Ayurveda orally medications in the form of herbal concoctions and medicated ghee have to be consumed to the patient!  Clinical trialed special Ayurveda medicine are the part of treatment.

Every patient has a different nature so the treatment  program is decided after checking the patient

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about punarnav ayurveda in psoriasis

Our Treatment Procedure

We know what you need to get rid of disease, if you have any problrms related to psoriasis you can contact us any time without hesitation. know more about our psoriasis treatment procedure...

  • Our objective is to cleans and insulate the system of our body to get rid of psoriasis permanently... http://www.psoriasisheal.com/about-us-2/#sthash.N3vQyaMO.dpuf

  • To conclude psoriasis is the flushing out poison through skin, which are secreted in our body.... - See more at: http://www.psoriasisheal.com/about-us-2/#sthash.N3vQyaMO.dpuf
about punarnav ayurveda in psoriasis

Care advices

For care Advices on psoriasis you can always contact us using phone and contact form.

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There are many patients who did not get the right choice of doctor so they will contact us for help.


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